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BecOme a member
OF the Open GlaSS Club!

The Open Glass Club is a non-profit organization whose aim is to promote and introduce the art of glassmaking to a large public. The fascinating craft is to be made accessible to all interested persons: Young people, adults, school classes and other individuals should have the opportunity to come into contact with an exciting and challenging craft and thus open up new perspectives.


The membership is open to all.

Support us with your contribution!

There are several projects in the club that we need to finance; the biggest and most urgent at the moment is the construction of a new melting furnace with more capacity so that we can melt enough glass for workshops and events.

All contributions and donations go entirely to club projects, we will keep you updated here.

IBAN: CH65 8080 8005 8859 0412 9

All contributions are welcome; one-time donor contributions can also be made through this account, please note this when making payment.

Thank you!

Annual membership


CHF 1000.–

10% discount on the course program (except trial course) & object from the "limited edition" collection


CHF 500.–

10% discount on the course program (except trial course)


CHF 100.–

5% discount on the course program (except trial course)

One-time contribution

Lifelong membership

CHF 5000.–

10% discount on the course program (except trial course), an object from the “limited edition” collection and a day of glass making with Thomas Blank

With the sponsorship of:

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